Legal Priorities Project – Branding, UX/UI, Development | Personal Project

The Legal Priorities Project is an independent, global research project founded by researchers from Harvard University. They conduct legal research that tackles the world’s most pressing problems – they call this “legal priorities research.”

Based on a branding workshop with the founders of Legal Priorities Project we developed a modern corporate design that visualises the visionary thought behind the project.

Within a few sessions we defined how the key points of the visual approach are being translated in the website structure and developed the website within the agile mindset. I took responsibility through the whole creative process, created all assets and developed the website. Furthermore I am supporting after the go-live for any adjustments on the website.


  • Client: Legal Priorities Project
  • Responsibility: Consulting, Branding, UX/UI Design, Development
  • Time: 05.2020 – 08.2020, ongoing support
  • Page: www.legalpriorities.org